About Kaisa Nordic Design Shop

Kaisa Nordic Design Shop is Dedicated to Offering Authentic Scandinavian Design From Nordic Countries.


Kaisa Nordic Design brings you harmony, simplicity and functionality in a unique style inspired by Nordic nature. Natural materials like birch wood and linen sourced sustainably are the hallmark of our products.

Kaisa Nordic Design Shop's Roots Are Deeply In The Nordic Soil And The Distinctive Four Seasons.

We know what it is like to experience the endless days of the summer when the sun never goes down, through the colourful autumn, the long dark winter with a dozen names for the different types of snow through to the glorious spring with delicate hues of green. We are dedicated in inspiring you with designs that reflect the beautiful and clean Nordic nature. The four Nordic seasons are visibly present in the designs we offer.

Sustainable Production And Ecologically Friendly Materials From Scandinavia.

Our suppliers manufacture locally using local resources and materials where possible. Valona has taken this to the next level by striving for zero waste already in the design stage of their chain jewellery series. The nested rings leave no waste material between the individual parts.


Our Product Range.

In our product range you can find soft woollen blankets, stylish kitchenware, clever storage containers that double up as decoration items, unique seasonal decoration, wooden jewellery, linen designer table runners, handbags made of felt & decorative wooden detail and much more. View the whole Kaisa Nordic Design product range here.

Unique Scandinavian Gift Ideas Suitable For Individual Presents As Well As Business Gifts For Your Clients.

Our Scandinavian Homeware Range can easily complement your style, but the timeless designs will also make perfect gifts for family and friends as well as quality business presents. The brand name is clearly visible in the products giving the receiver a sense of its genuine origin.