Kitchen Ideas from Kaisa Nordic Design

Kitchen Ideas from Kaisa Nordic Design

Kaisa Nordic Design on 17th Jan 2020

Kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the hub with functional purpose and the perfect place for showcasing the Scandinavian designs practical and simple yet sleek side. You can design the whole kitchen in Scandinavian style, but you don’t need to. You can pick and choose some elements to complement your current style with functional ideas from Kaisa Nordic Design Shop kitchen. We stock a range of beautiful Scandinavian designs for kitchen made for living and everyday use.

The humble everyday items

Let’s start with an item that is likely to be found in every kitchen and used pretty much every day. The humble cutting board is often just that a cutting board with no purpose other than cutting vegies, bread and meat. The cutting boards from Miiko Design and Vaja Finland transform the cutting board into a design element that decorates the kitchen while not in use. Rather than throwing the board into a dark corner of the cupboard to hide the ugly duckling you can proudly keep these cutting boards visible.

The Miiko Design cutting boards come with a hole in one corner so you can easily hang them on the wall or splashback. They are made of certified birch plywood in Finland. After use just wipe clean or hand wash, but do not soak.

   Miiko Design Koivu Metsä Cutting Board | Kaisa Nordic Design

The Vaja Finland Cutting Board is part of the Sirkus series. The same pattern is replicated in the Sirkus mugs, containers and pinch bowls with classic colour options of black or blue. The mugs come in a pack of two. You can opt for the whole series in one colour or mix and match black and blue items to create a playful table setting. The topside of the Vaja Finland cutting boards are durable melamine and the backside is made of birch plywood.

       Vaja Finland Breakfast for two | Kaisa Nordic Design

The harmonious Sirkus pattern works well with both bold and colourful or plain coloured serviettes. Choose your favourite colour for the serviettes with a matching table runner to crate a Scandinavian style table setting.

       Vaja Finland Sirkus Series | Kaisa Nordic Design

Clever Design

The Miiko Design Vakka Container is a clever combination of a container and a cutting board. With two very Nordic patterns it brings harmony and natural materials into your kitchen. Both the container and the cutting board are made of environmentally friendly PEFC and FSC certified Finnish birch. Plywood used in the container is untreated and can be treated with food qualified lacquer or oil if wanted. The container works well for storing bread, biscuits or small household items. With the cutting board at the top it also serves well as an elevated cheese platter.

           Miiko Design Vakka Container | Kaisa Nordic Design

Fit for Centrepiece

Another beautiful Miiko Design is the Koivumetsä Tray. The name Koivumetsä means birch forest. The black and white trunks of birch trees look peaceful and harmonious. With its large 40cm diameter it is perfect for serving cakes or nibbles. It is beautiful by itself or as a base for your table centrepiece.

Miiko Design Koivumetsä Tray | Kaisa Nordic Design

Beautiful designs

Trivets are another humble piece used a lot in kitchen and dinner table. Combining the function with unique design there is no need to hide the Miiko Design Trivets. Choose between the Northern Lights Trivet or the Koivumetsä trivets. The Birch Forest Trivet comes in two beautiful colour options green and black & white. The trivets are made of Finnish plywood.

Miiko Design Trivets | Kaisa Nordic Design

Playful or Classic Nordic Look?

If you are after some playful colour for your kitchen and dinner table, the Lapuan Kankurit Varpu Table Runner and Varpu Tea Towel are a perfect match. Varpu products are designed by Matilda Palmu who is a designer and an artist working with many different materials. Matilda got the inspiration for the Varpu design from the soft and cute catkins that are the first sign of spring in Nordic countries.

      Lapuan Kankurit Varpu Table Runner and Tea Towel| Kaisa Nordic Design

A classic Nordic look fit for a dinner party can be achieved quickly with the Lapuan Kankurit Verso Table Runner and Tea Towel in linen-white colour. The Verso products are made of high-quality linen and bio organic cotton.The pattern is designed by Masaru Suzuki.

  Lapuan Kankurit Verso Table Runner | Kaisa Nordic Design  Lapuan Kankurit Verso Tea Towel | Kaisa Nordic Design

Sleek and Functional Scandinavian Design

The Koppa serviette holder is a perfect example of a sleek and functional Scandinavian design. There is nothing unnecessary, the design complements the functional purpose perfectly. It is made of painted steel and leather. The leather strap is removable and can be attached to the box with magnets. This means the position of the strap can be changed. You can position it in the middle, move to one side at the top or completely out of way at the side of the box. Due to the weight of the box and the strap at the top this serviette holder is perfect for your outside table even in windy conditions. The serviette holder can also be used as a serving tray. The coffee serviettes with the size of 12.5cmx12.5cm fit in best.


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