Nordic Inspired Present Ideas From Kaisa Nordic Design

Nordic Inspired Present Ideas From Kaisa Nordic Design

Kaisa Nordic Design on 18th Dec 2019

It is the time of the year again when you are likely seeking fresh ideas for Christmas presents. You may not even remember what you gave your aunt last or previous year and fear you could accidentally buy something similar again. We have a solution for you. Unless you recently travelled in Scandinavia and explored the design shops there it would be very unlikely that you gave your aunt one of our unique designs as a gift. Here are some ideas for all aunts, uncles, mums and dads.

What an earth could you give to your uncle? What would be unique and fit for an older gentleman with an immaculate study full of old books? How about the Miiko Design Rove Leather tray ? This leather tray is easy and fun to assemble with snap fasteners and fits right in with the old books and the big desk.

                                                     Miiko Design Rove Tray | Kaisa Nordic Design

Or maybe he loves to read magazines and newspapers. Miiko Design Makasiini Magazine Holder would be perfect for storing the latest magazines. Makasiini is made of quality leather and brings classic Scandinavian vibes into the room.

                        Miiko Design Makasiini Makazine Holder | Kaisa Nordic Design            Miiko Design Makasiini Magazine Holder | Kaisa Nordic Design

What about that aunt that you don’t really know well at all. What to give her? A beautiful and quality Tablecloth, Blanket or Table Runner from Lapuan Kankurit is sure to leave an impression as a present. You have likely seen sheets and tablecloths made of linen, but have you seen a towel? The Lapuan Kankurit Usva Linen Bath towel is very light weight and dries quickly. It is stylish for travel & beach and could even be used as a tablecloth for a picnic or a shawl for a cool summer night. The linen towels are also a perfect gift for a couple. Kaisa Nordic Design has two beautiful colour options. Select one in linen/bright blue and the other one in linen/white for him and her.

                                          Lapuan Kankurit Usva Linen Bath Towel | Kaisa Nordic Design                Lapuan Kankurit Usva Linen Bath Towel | Kaisa Nordic Design

Do you have a friend or a relative who is ecologically conscious, avoids buying products wrapped in or made of plastic and uses her own reusable fruit bags in shops? Well, we have a perfect gift for her too. The Valona Birch Crystals and jewellery are made of Finnish birch wood. The birch plywood cutting process has been optimised to minimise waste material thriving towards responsible and ecologically friendly production. The chain jewellery series are made of nested rings leaving no waste material between the rings. The Birch Crystal products are packed into flat cardboard packages and the package can be resent as an envelope via mail.

    Valona Star Decoration | Kaisa Nordic Design   Valona Halo Earrings | Kaisa Nordic Design  Valona Antler Earrings | Kaisa Nordic Design

Looking for a present for someone you know is into design and especially Scandi style? Here is a statement piece that will complete the style with genuine inspiration from the Nordic nature. The Miiko Design Birches Wall Clock is designed and illustrated by Sanna Paakki, Designer and CEO of Miiko Design. The birches wall clock is made of certified birch plywood and it has a high-quality Junghans mechanism. Another great option with Nordic nature vibes is the Lapuan Kankurit Koivu Bath Towel . KOivu towel is designed by Marja Rautiainen, one of the secrets to success for Lapuan Kankurit.

        Miiko Design Birches Wall Clock | Kaisa Nordic Design              Lapuan Kankurit Koivu Bath Towel | Kaisa Nordic Design

These are just some examples of Scandinavian inspired presents from Kaisa Nordic Design Shop . Check out our whole range of Nordic Design products in here . You will not only find a present, but a present with a story behind it. All our brands have a story to tell. Read their unique stories in our Find out more about Kaisa Nordic Design brands section.