One Timeless Design, Many Uses

One Timeless Design, Many Uses

Kaisa Nordic Design on 28th Dec 2019

One of the reasons why Scandinavian design is so attractive is its timelessness. It is not affected by short lived fashion trends. A design that was born 50 years ago may still look modern and has not lost its appeal. How is this possible? Many of the designs were created to serve a function, not just as a decorative item. Instead of just one function designs were also created to serve a variety of activities. Function combined with Inspiration From Nordic Nature creates a very appealing, cosy feeling.

Multifunctional Designs From Kaisa Nordic Design

Lapuan Kankurit Tablecloth/Blankets are a great example of multifunctional designs inspired by Nordic Nature. RUUT Tablecloth/Blanket is designed by Heini Riitahuhta. The hexagon pattern in the RUUT design is also found in her ceramic works. The design reflects the life of mother and daughter with the whole life woven into the patterns of RUUT. ‘I wanted RUUT to be cosy like a patchwork blanket, just like life is. I drew themes that are related to flowers and growth, to reflect the shared period of life between mother and daughter. I see the advancement of an important person similarly to a flower in bloom - and of course there are always the hidden parts that I can't ever truly know.’

Natural, Quality Materials

The RUUT Tablecloth/Blanket is made of Washed 60% bio-organic cotton and 40% European Masters of linen -linen. The weaving technique creates a two-sided fabric with the patterns reversed in the underside. Both sides can be used on top to create a darker or lighter effect.

As a Tablecloth

Here the RUUT design is used as a tablecloth. The size of the tablecloth is 140*240cm and suits a large table with 8 or 10 seats. The combination of the material and pattern is elegant and fit for a special birthday party or an important dinner party. The classic look of black and white is a perfect backdrop for vibrant coloured serviettes and decoration. Make your table setting one to remember!

                             Lapuan Kankurit RUUT Tablecloth/Blanket | Kaisa Nordic Design                                      

As a Throw For Your Lounge

When you’re not hosting an elegant dinner party the tablecloth can be transformed into a stylish and practical throw. The classic black and white can be combined with both dark and light-coloured lounges. If you are a fan of bright colours the throw fits right in with a red or blue sofa. The matching RUUT table runner on the coffee table complements the design.

      Lapuan Kankurit RUUT Tablecloth/blanket | Kaisa Nordic Design        Lapuan Kankurit RUUT Table Runner | Kaisa Nordic Design

As a Bed Cover

Looking to upgrade the guest bedroom or teenage retreat with a modern, unique style? RUUT transforms into a blanket or bed cover for a double bed or can be used as a throw on a larger bed. Here we have combined RUUT with Miiko Design Väre Decorative Leather Pillows . Väre pilows are available in black and white. The top side of the Väre pillow is soft and comfy leather, while the bottom side is made of wool. The Väre pillow has been awarded by an Italian design competition (A'Design Award and Competition) in 2016.

      Miiko Design Väre Decorative Pillow | Kaisa Nordic Design

The RUUT design is also available as linen-white colour for a very classic light-coloured Scandinavian look tablecloth/blanket and table runner.

Lapuan Kankurit RUUT Tablecloth/Blanket | Kaisa Nordic DesignLapuan Kankurit RUUT Tablecloth/Blanket | Kaisa Nordic Design

More Multipurpose Scandi Designs

Kaisa Nordic Design also stocks another great multipurpose design from Lapuan Kankurit. The RUOSTE Tablecloth/Blanket designed by Anu Leinonen with beautiful linen blue/turquoise colours is made of 100% European Masters of linen -linen. The matching RUOSTE Cushion Covers work well as decorative pillows for the bed or sofa. Anu Leinonen’s personal style is based on clarity and natural materials.

   Lapuan Kankurit Ruoste Tablecloth-Blanket | Kaisa Nordic DesignLapuan Kankurit Ruoste Cushion Cover | Kaisa Nordic DesignLapuan Kankurit Ruoste Tablecloth-Blanket | Kaisa Nordic Design

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